Legal Matters in Rap

Legal Matters in Rap: Understanding the Legal Implications

Yo, let’s talk about the legal addendum
It’s a document that changes the original, ain’t just a random them

When you’re in a tieback, gotta know the agreement clear
Don’t wanna be caught in a mess, let’s steer

The position of director in a company
Got rights and responsibilities, it ain’t just a symphony

Signing a commercial rental agreement in Bangalore
Gotta have the format right, can’t be a fangalore

Is it legal to download pdf books? Let’s not infringe
Gotta respect the copyright laws, we ain’t here to cringe

Can you make a rzr street legal in Florida? What’s the deal
Gotta know the rules, can’t just spin the wheel

Are bills of sale legal? Let’s make it clear
Understanding the legality, ain’t no need to fear

What are the Hells Angels rules and regulations? Let’s not be in the dark
Gotta know the law, we ain’t here to embark

Understanding the form of documentary credit irrevocable
It’s a legal guide, let’s not be gullible

What’s the document definition in law? Let’s not be lost
Gotta know the key concepts, ain’t just a frost